How do you set up a carousel widget?

I have a need for a rotating panel of buttons and came across some documentation for a widget carousel. So as to not to literally reinvent a wheel, can anyone enlighten me as to how one would set this up and possibly what the possible outcome products are?

It’s not exposed to blueprints so you’d have to dig into slate and try to make one yourself. Not saying there are no folks here who could help you out but I’ve yet to see this utilised. I learnt this exists a week or two ago - someone mentioned this in a forum (you, maybe?)

On, the other hand - you can make one in pure UMG but you’d need to make if from scratch - I’ve made one or two in the past. The most basic form would be a canvas with indexed images following a path and having their Zorder controlled by the aforementioned indexes. With a bit of scaling applied the effects are pretty decent. Making a 3d carousel is even easier (and you can always have widget components there so that’s pretty flexible!)

what the possible outcome products are

Not sure about the original you asked about but with the UMG one I did not hit any major snags. It would depend on how artsy and complex this is supposed to be. Hard to tell but I can’t think of any limitations.

If you have an example of something you want to achieve, consider posting a screenshot / animation / crude drawing / description. It would be easier to tell whether UMG is capable enough.

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