how do you set the default folder for Unreal Projects?

for now its sitting in Documents in Windows 8, I’d like to use another location but couldn’t find such a setting.

You only have to choose another path once and it’s will remind it for every other project you create.

but when i download something from the marketplace, it still goes to that default folder in Document, how to fix that?

I would like to know the answer to the question as well. My OS is installed on a small HDD, and having the default folder for the Marketplace the same as my OS is not working for me.

Agreed. Would love this in a settings Option under the Launcher. It really makes downloading those showcases hard, when it defaults to a SSD drive with NO ROOM!

Yep, I want to download the stuff to a secondary drive. I guess I could manually move it, but then how do I “link” it back to press the open button on each downloaded content?

You have to make a symlink