How do you set Enum Slots == Widget Blueprints

Hello Everyone
I am currently working on an equipment system for my game. I have a function with an input that has UI_EquipSlot(my equipment slot button). I have broken my item structure and there is an item slot(an Enum Armor Slot Type that stores head, torso, legs, etc). I wanted to know how could I set it up so that the function input(Widget blueprint) to be == Enums

What do you mean by widget equal to the Enum? what are you trying to accomplish exactly?

If I understood you correctly, just add in Emum to your slot and item, and when you try to equip an item just do a check of equals between the enums, if true equip if not cancel.

Like I have 8 UI_Equip Slot widgets inside my character sheet. I want to make it so that when the item is equipped it goes to the right slot. I have renamed my UI_Equip Slots widget to head, torso, legs slot, etc. in my item info Structure I have an Enum called Armor Slot and I select which armour slot it goes to. I have a function where I switch on Enum Armor Slot, which then sets the head slot == to UI_Equip Slot blueprint which I renamed to head slot. Am I looking at this in a wrong way? is there a better way of doing this.