How do you set a Client Pawn's Variable from the Server?

I’m making an RTS game and I have it set up right now so that the listen server’s pawn will tell the clients when to create a Custom Widget used for placing objects.

Right now, I’m just calling this reliable multicast event when a key is pressed on the network authority.
The variable “Menu” is just a reference to a custom widget. I’m not replicating it because the server doesn’t really need it.

However, when the client tries to use the Menu reference outside of a multicast, the reference isn’t valid.

In the above, “Set State Of Button” only runs on the listen server’s client because “Menu” is invalid on all other clients, despite it being set inside the multicast prior to this event being called.

The way I would do this is have a function on player state that is ‘Run on Server’.
This function then gets game state to get player array, cast to each player state and call a function that creates the widgets, would need to be ‘Runs on owning Client’ I expect.

Cheers, this works perfectly.