How do you separate animations from a single file?

I’ve recently buy a unity asset which contains a dog and 25 animations, but it has all animation into a single file, first of all try to export the range frame from unreal but its doesnt display the loops correctly then ive trying so hard to trim the animations, i asked if they(unity store) can get the 25 animation splitted, they told me that is extra work and cant do it. Well the only option for me try to split them manually, ive try
Blender, 3Ds max, ikinema web animate plug in, and got NOTHING, aparently trying to export a range of frame its not that easy(at least for me), really baking a range of frame its so hard? im so frustrated because this is so easy to do in unity.

our official documentation page for FBX importing has not been updated yet to reflect this(4.2 use FBX 2014)