How do you scroll anywhere inside a scroll box?

Hello there, I have a simple grouping system for an inventory that I’m making and I’d like to scroll through it when it gets too long.

Currently the scroll wheel works when hovering over the scroll bar or over one of the inventory “slots”, however if I place my mouse in an “empty” area that’s not part of the Scroll Box children, then it doesn’t scroll.

Ex: The area between each section name that doesn’t have icons, or the area just to left of the scroll wheel:


Is it possible to make it so it scrolls when the mouse is anywhere inside the scroll box, not just on top of a child in the scroll box?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I feel both stupid and smart at the same time. Immediately after posting it I had an idea and it worked. I just changed the scroll box to Visible instead of Non-Hit Testable. Works great now. So for anyone that needs it, that’s the easy solution. :smiley:

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