how do you save a players custom character setttings? (character creation)

so im working on my first character and i was trying to figure out how to create the whole character customization set up.

im talking about the screen that lets you make your character fat or skinny or change facial features like make the nose big or small and change the characters clothing. i have a good idea how to set up the whole system that allows you to do those things to the character but what i wanted to know is how do you save that information once the player is done customizing his character.

That’s not so easy to tell if you don’t have the rest of the system. Before thinking about that, i would recommend you to start the system itself.

Planning to far ahead will keep you in an ever lasting planning phase. Just try to make the most basic system that is still able to customize a character and
then try to extend that. Once you have all in place, you can think about how and what data you need to save.

Saving Your Character Customization Parameters with C++