How do you "right click" on Macbook Pro?

Hi all,

I’m using the trackpad on Macbook Pro and am a first time UE4 user. I’m going through the video tutorials but get stuck every time I’m asked to “Right Click”. For instance, I’ve tried to pull up the “Graph action menu” in Blueprint, but can’t access it.

I am currently following the video tutorial “Level Creation - 9 - Blueprint Doorway Pt1”. In that video, (around 6:18) the narrator asks to right click in order to access a “key interpolation” menu… which I cannot access. Any pointers would be amazing!

Thank you!

Hi. By default, right click on MacBook trackpad is performed by clicking with two fingers. If that doesn’t work, please go to System Preferences->Trackpad and see what’s set for “Secondary click”.