How do you reference a Level-to-be-streamed in Blueprint?

I am trying to load and unload stream levels. The node takes a “Level Name” input that is looking for a Name(I think).

Do I just input the exact name as displayed in the level browser? Which is basically the same as it’s file name minus the .umap, or do I include the .umap?

Just specify the name without the umap.

I’m unsure if this version of the level browser was in 4.1 but I believe at some point you will be able to drag the level on to the graph and call functions like load/unload directly from the reference created.

Thanks. It may be named right, but it isn’t working.

So I have 2 streaming volumes and I have added each to it’s respective Streaming Level. If I choose “Select Streaming Level”, it highlights the correct Streaming Volume for each level.

Trigger boxes are in place and firing print strings. I also tried unloading the levels at the start of play but it doesn’t do anything.

Streaming usage is set to SVB Loading and Visibility.

Streaming method is set to Blueprint.

Setting whether they are initially loaded and/or visible don’t have any effect.

Setting “Make Visible After Load” on and off on the Load Stream Level node doesn’t have an effect.

The actual actors are procedurally generated(Instanced meshes) into the level at the start of the game. Could this be the problem?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Hmm, my map generator gets dropped into the main level at which point it generates the map including the shadows that I want in the streaming level. I am thinking that my shadows need to load to their respective streaming level. Is there a way to specify what sub-level the are spawned in?

Testing with 2 random spheres that I added to my streaming levels, it works.

However, my spheres pop up for only 2 seconds before disappearing.

Changed it so that the level doesn’t unload until I end overlap with the trigger box, which now encompasses the entire level. Spheres still disappear after 1-2 seconds.

I will go ahead and close this question and open a new one with a title that matches the new problem. Thanks again!