How do you record UE4 projects with ShadowPlay?

I’m not sure about sound as I haven’t used sound in UE4, but this is what I do to get ShadowPlay to record from my UE4 projects:

Force the game to run in fullscreen so ShadowPlay can record it - make an ‘Execute Console Command’ node with the command “r.SetRes 1920x1080f”.

ShadowPlay automatically detects it as a full screen application that it can record from, saved videos will be in your ShadowPlay folder, with the game name “Win64”.

Edit: I forgot, you also need to run the game in Standalone mode!

As the question asks.

I’m trying to record some of my tools I’ve made, and I wish to use ShadowPlay so I can record both visuals AND sound.

I’ve seen many people say they’ve used it to record their work. I’m trying to but I can’t figure out why it won’t record.

hey, thanks a lot! C: