How do you put widget blueprints into UE4 4.19.1?

I am new to UE4 and have been following tutorials from books, and videos, and I am trying to make a first person shooter. I am trying to make the health bar and UI screen, but the tutorials I am following say to use widget blueprints by adding them to the project by right-clicking the content-browser.

On the bottom left of the screen do you see folders? If not, hit the icon to the left of ‘Filters’ that will display your folders. Go into the folder you want, create one if necessary then, move your mouse over to the right a bit where the contents go. (If you have nothing in the folder it will say “Drop Files here or right click to create content” Right click there to create your UI by selecting User Interface >> Widget Blueprint

When I right-click there isn’t a User Interface tab.

never mind just saw a scroll button.

Hahaha how funny… I’m Having the same problem @Novazoid and I did not even saw a scroll button :smiley:
Thanks @Novazoid