How do you play certain event by small possibility?

I know how to play an event by 50percent and 25percent chance but can you make it happen by for ex. 7 percent? help would be appreciated!

There’s lots of ways to pull it off! I used to use a custom macro that went a bit like this. I’d offer the macro but I hadn’t used it in forever. However this works for simple 7/100 chance. There’s better ways to pull this off but this is an easy one if your scale is straightforward.


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Is that ‘append’ used only for showing purposes? (I’m noob sorry)

Yep, the only part you need is the part I squared in red. The print was just proof it works. It’s a simple operation but I usually proof test what I tell people here in case I overlook something. Still entirely possible I overlook things though! I do recommend making it a macro if you use this often.

This is good for simple operations, but if you need weighted randomness or say a drop rate system you’ll need to use a different way.

(Last question sorry!)

just to make sure, so is this correct that I overlap the triggerbox, an event occurs by 14% chance?

Hum, I guess you have 86% chance of firing the event. You must use a value of 86 for your int var.
You could alternatively use the node “random bool with weight” that goes from 0 to 1 (100%) . A weight of 0.07 will fire at 7% chance


You got it! As long as the value in that variable Percent 14 is 14.

Indeed I’ve mistaken the sign :sweat_smile: