How do you play a Matinee cutscene through a blueprint?

I’m able to play a cutscene at the start of a level through the level blueprint, but when I try to do the same thing but on an actor’s blueprint, it just won’t let me reference the Matinee actor on the play event.

Level Blueprint (With the cutscene that plays at the start of the level. It’s normal, there’s nothing wrong with it):
AI Blueprint (when I add the cutscene to the AI’s Blueprint, the reference to the Matinee Actor is considered unknown):

Does anyone know how to play a Matinee cutscene through an actor’s blueprint? Or is there some other way to make a cutscene for actors or something.

It goes unknown because you need to add the actor in the character BP. It won’t read or find an actor that’s placed in level. I had something similar to this but with a sound node. Im not sure a matinee actor can be called into the character BP. But see if you can.

Yeah I still can’t figure it out. I hope someone will figure this out for me soon.

Are you trying to do like a cut scene or animate the AI? Because if your animating the AI that’s through a completely different way. You would have to rig the skeleton of the AI to have it move that way.