how do you play a mantinee scene at the start of a level?

having some trouble figuring it out …and would be nice to be able to make it looping anyone can post a quick tutorial? thanks!

You can either set it to play at level load in the details panel(and set it to loop with the tick box), or you can do it in the Level Blueprint. Create Event Begin Play node, create the Play node for your matinee in the level and then connect them.

for some reason it doesnt seem to work either…?

Can you post a screenshot of your matinee and details panel please? I can’t help you visually right now since i dont have the engine yet.
Btw, what is your matinee set to do? Is it a camera animation or an object? If it’s a camera then you’ll have to set a Director track inside the matinee.

oooh i dont have a director track… just the camrea. thanks for the info how do i set that? :-p “tries to fiddle around”

Create a director track in the upper section of your matinee, set a keyframe and set your camera for that key, and you are good to go. If you need more help on matinee you can check youtube. Even if you cant find any UE4 tutorials on it, watch UDK ones. Matinee hasnt changed much.