How do you pawn sense for set amount of time then action

Hello I’m trying to make it so when my AI or pawns see the main character for about 3 seconds they will then start combat. Right now I have a set timer by event but it does the opposite of what I want when I leave the AI pawns sensing for 3 seconds combat starts I have tried throwing a branch in there as well noting im doing seems to work it either starts right away or after I leave there sight it starts. I want it so if I stay in there sight for 3 seconds then it starts thank you for any help

What about?:

Sorry no this did not work um how do I put it. I want it to only trigger if the actor sees the player the whole 3 seconds. if u get out of sight before 3 seconds it restarts.

Found the answer

Tried this as well did not work it always thinks its true