How DO You Package a Game?

Can anybody tell me how packaging a game???
As described in the docs is not working. Is there a useful tutorial?

I mean when I add meshes on the starter content. Build it and make a package my new mesh should be in the package. When I load the exe. There is no mesh seen.

Is that the normal way??? Or I am too dumb making this???

I found it out. You have to safe your scene. all the new meshes. So that the astrids disappear. Fast testing can be a trap in ue4.

The packaging Documentation says NOTHING about saving. Documentation is always “bad” in every software package.

I guess saving your project is something we all regularly do so no one has run into this problem.

Maybe UE4 should force-save the project before packaging.

But saving is not the solution, I saved my level and wanted to package it. No meshes at all. Only the starter Content.
My level has 450mb. It shows a message . Can UE4 handle large files???
And it always crashes…

Now it seems to work…somethimes. I have to try it further. Its a frustrating process.