How do you package a game to xbox one

hey all i have got a Xbox one dev kit and i was just wondering how i would go about packaging a UE4 project to the console? ivbe heard that i have to use the UWP method but does that really work and how do i get it?

Are you a registered Xbox developer? If so then you can contact Epic with your info and they will give you access to the version of the UE4 editor that allows you to build for Xbox One. Otherwise, your only option is to download the version of UE4 from Microsoft that supports UWP

Hey darthviper
i have a xbox creation account with the dev kit on my xbox enabled as we as a Windows publisher ID will this be enough for me to get the package from the UE if i provide this informoation? i also have a seller ID. how would i get in contact with UE to get this package?

i dont really know how to contact and i filed out this form for it that says that UE will send an email to my xbox Rep? i didnt even know i had one


i contacted xbox and they have told me to go through the UE to get something with UWP can anyone please help me

you need to enter the DEV program with xbox, and, its a LONG process. I have been with them for 4 months now and im still not fully approved.
you need to contact Microsoft via one of the several posts in the forums on how to get an xbox dev license

also, you will need an EIN for your company with the new process.

i have a xbox creation account with the dev kit on my xbox enabled as we as a Windows publisher ID
or this a completely different thing?

lol thats a nothing… that dev enabled is nothing at all.
you need to contact Microsoft for xbox licenses.
you will need to sign the microsoft NDA and sign some other legal paperwork
you will go into a process of review with Microsoft on your project/game
you will need to enter the tax information of your company (prove you are a real company as they dont take projects from random ppl without a company)
you will be submitting tons of content to Microsoft and allowing them access to beta/alpha testing, videos, your business model … etc etc.
you will be under review for a while and once they decide, you will find out if you are accepted or not.

how do you go under testing the game on the xbox system them if you dont have an xbox license ? i know the creation tab that i am under lets me with the dev mode and allows me to test UWP :confused:

im guessing really you make a breif game in UE4 to show what your game is and send it to xbox and then if they like it you can get the tools to keep developing? is that the process really?

No, not even close to the process.

Please use the search function in the forums, look for XBOX or xbox license … i will post a link in a sec, your one free-bee.

Please see:…-now-supported

^ if you submitted your general info to ID@XBOX and have yet to submit the NDA from Microsoft and do all the legal paperwork, then, you did something wrong, or, you never completed the steps required with them.