How do you package a game level plugin?

Despite numerous search results for material about packaging game plugins I’m at a loss.

I am modifying the Shooter Game example (It’s built with Blueprint and C++) and have added a new game level C++ plugin (In <gameroot>/Plugins/) that the game pulls in via .h includes. My C++ plugin depends on a couple of third party dll’s (In <gameroot>/ThirdParty>.

When I package the game through the Unreal Editor for the win64 platform I can see in the output that it builds aspects of the plugin but doesn’t output the plugin to the package. Therefore when I run the Shooter game exe in the package, it crashes when it tries to make a plugin function call with “The UE4-Shooter Game has crashed and will close Fatal error!” which is understandable since my plugin doesn’t seem to be anywhere to be found in the packaged project.

My question is: What do you need to do to:
a. Have the game plugin included in the game packaging process (So that the plugin DLL or whatever is needed gets included in the package). AND
b. Have the third party DLLs that the game plugin uses added to the game package too, so that the plugin will work.

I’ve already added the the “installed” option in my .uplugin file and rebuilt, but the issue still occurs:

    "Modules" :
            "Name" : "MyUnrealPlugin",
            "Type" : "Developer",
            "Installed" : true