How do you open the C++ editor?

I am doing the Twin Stick Shooter tutorial for Unreal Engine 4 and you are supposed to create a new C++ class. So I did it and it said it created the new class successfully but for some reason it didn’t actually open up the C++ editor. I couldn’t find out how to open it anywhere I looked. How do I open the C++ editor?

I’m assuming you’re using Windows, and Visual Studio 2015 (perhaps Express.)
It should open automatically, assuming you actually have Visual Studio 2015 installed.
Note that “Visual Studio Code” is a totally different product and not currently compatible.

Yeah im using windows 10 and I do have Visual Studio installed. Is there any way to open the C++ editor manually because for some reason it doens’t open up when I make a new C++ class.

There should be Visual studio solution file generated in our project directory (.sln). Open that with Visual Studio and you should be able to start coding. If you don’t have it, right click on .uproject file and select “generate visual studio project files” to generate C++ solution and project.