How do you mirror a flipbook sprite when moving opposite direction?

Hay guys. i have set up a blueprint for a moving snail for my 2D sidescroller game which has a set path it follows (between 2 points), the only problem is that i cant get it to mirror the flipbook when walking the opposite direction so it just ends up doing the moonwalk which i don’t want :s, do any of you guys know how to sort this problem out, iv been playing around with it for quite a while now trying different things but seeing as im not too advanced with blueprints im finding it very difficult :[, i have done the walking via a timeline animation with two points in the world

You can rotate the entire actor or just the component. Most people rotate the entire actor, in my example I just rotate the component.

Nodes SetRelativeRotation -or- SetActorRotation

How would you go about doing the beginning bit to check whether it is facing left or not ;o? im a little unsure how to set up that event condition in my blueprint, i understand what it means i just find it difficult to translate in the blueprint if that makes sense

This is for sidescroller right? hows one to do same for the up and down axis if the sprite has 4 different sprites…
ie north south east west etc… im using sprite socket and only one direction looks good i have 3 other images but no idea how to switch it…

was trying to add clothing hats etc and not looking like UE4 a good avenue to go…

@Distul, ‘SetActorRotation’ isn’t work:

I tried 2 different routes of ‘SetRelativeRotation’ and ‘SetActorRotation’.
Only ‘SetRelativeRotation’ will flip the ‘PaperFlipbook’ rendering.
Is that mean ‘PaperFlipbook’ rendering at last? So we just ‘SetActorRotation’ will not flip it ?