How do you manage your object libraries for Unreal?

Do you save all your furniture and decoration objects in a library project?
I’m asking because we want to reuse objects and materials for future projects.
For now I just migrated everything usefull to a new project and created seperate levels for chairs, desks, shelves…
Maybe there is a better way?

I usually handpick what I want to keep from the ‘‘content’’ folder of my projects to a general ‘‘unreal asset folder’’ somewhere on my pc… I always copy-paste stuff for one project to another right now.
I don’t use the migrate tool, I just copy-paste content directly from project content folders in windows!

It might be wise to collect all of your saved assets - whether they be 3DS models, FBX files, Revit files, whatever - to some assets folder that is separate from an Unreal folder structure. Same goes for materials. Bonus points if you organize your files with screenshots and previews.

If you’re going to reuse files over and over, I’d suggest not pulling them into a project until you know you need them. Otherwise, you’re wasting space (and load time.)

Thanks. Good to know that I can just drag and drop in windows explorer.
The migrate tool is not very comfortable to use imho, scince you have to export to your project but cannot import from a library project.
I guess its helpfull to keep a standard folder structure for all projects so you can quickly find your files.

and what’s cool is that you can copy/paste assets/folders in windows explorer even when you have your unreal project opened, they will appear in your editor instantly without needing to restart!