How do you manage your buyed assets ?

I am curious to know the way you integrate into your project what you bought in the marketplace?
More or less all that we buy on the market has the option to (add to project) and some creat project.
My question is it better to use add to project (it mean more unnecessary file like maps and other stuff)
The point here is to reduce my project file so it loads up faster.
Or is it better to create a new project (to avoid duplicated stuff like foliage… people use from starter kit or other) and migrate only stuff I need.

I usually add to a “dummy project” of sorts and migrate only what I need to my main project when using assets from the UE4 marketplace. =)

I have one large project with everything in it and once I have a solid base I’ll migrate the persistent level to a clean project so that only whats used in the project gets migrated.

And this is working without Problems? :slight_smile: if yes I you helped me a lot :)!!

I like adding it to dummy project and migrating what I need to my main project as well.