How do you manage update Unreal Objects?

So everywhere I’ve spotted including all tutorials everyone’s doing their actors and actor component updates on the TICK function.

But I’ve heard from the UE4 Live Tutorials when they are making concept logic that TICK isn’t where you’d want to do your actual logic and it’s just good for base development.
I’ve also seen this similar statement made on some articles.

But then the issue is WHERE should we be realistically doing our objects Update process?
I wasn’t finding much on this and I figured maybe you just interval update the tick function?
Set the ticks to process every 0.5sec or something.
But i saw those aren’t guaranteed to run on the exact intervals.

I was also thinking of just having systems that would hold on to UObjects or Actors or ActorComponents and have the systems running on time steppers ex: every .25 of a sec loop through the Actors array and call the Tick function on them. But that sounds off too since the world is already holding on to the actors so it’s already checking the tick function. So do I just loop those actors enabling their tick function for this one time and then disable them again?

I guess I’m a little lost in a good direction to manage my actors and actor components, and controlling when they will be updating.

I’m working in C++. I’m more than glad to create custom child classes or override any needed functions and definitely interested in how to control process my objects.

Non ticking event based system is a very fancy way for building functionality in your project.

Check this presentation (13:52), they say a lot about tick function and other bottlenecks. (for example: timeline instead tick). Also - Interface is your friend.

It’s not that fancy. All games should avoid just directly doing all updating per frame in or out of the unreal engine. You wouldn’t make a game that just updates every time a frame is hit. Timelines and timers is what I’m looking for I’m pretty sure. But I’ll have to read up on them some more.