How do you make UI appear for a specific player via blueprint?

Pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Say I’m Player 3 (networked). I have died and death UI appears. How do I make UI appear just for Player 3?


Can anyone help?

I need this too. Unreal seems to lack simple examples. For example, I want to do a simple print string for a single client. There is no example I’ve found for something as simple as this.

(Not expert but…)
If the PlayerController dies you can simply call “Create Widget DeathUI”, then call “Add to Viewport”, and that’s all basically.

If you’d want to put everything to where it belongs, than it’s a bit more complex.
Then the PlayerState should store the Health, and when it reaches 0, it should call a GameMode custom event “ThinkDied” with an ID or reference of the PlayerController.
Then the GameMode should check if the player really died and then call the PlayerController’s custom event “YouDied” which calls for example the UI showing.

It’s because the PlayerState should contain the player’s gamestats, the GameMode should have all the game rules (what to do when someone dies), then order the PlayerController to show the player what happens when he dies, since PC should have the only role to link the player to the game.

Or to make it more complex, when the enemy hits the player, the enemy’s PlayerState/projectile/whatever should call a GameMode event “IHitThisPlayer”, and the GameMode should decrease the PlayerState’s HP, and check if it is already <0 or not, and call the “YouDied” automatically…

Or you could just use the BuiltIn damaging events, I’m not familiar with those yet.

And also I recommend check out the Epic guys’ video tutorial series about Multiplayer. I learned a lot from there about the widgets and replications.