How do you make the character move faster?

How do i make it so that the blueprint first person dude starts running on left shift pressed? Cant find a function or anything that changes the speed of the character

EDIT: This method works, but James is the Blueprints master. His tutorial will be way more helpful.

You can modify the character’s Max Walk Speed pretty easily. The graph below is really quick and dirty, but hopefully it’ll point you in the right direction. Please note that you’ll need to set up the input mappings in Edit > Project Settings > Engine > Input > Bindings before they’ll show up as nodes in the graph.


I actually made a short tutorial that touches on how to change this on the fly using Blueprints:

Thanks that made it a bit more clear how blueprint works as well… I tried looking in the node library in the right corner of the bp editor, nedless to say; not everything can be found there. Should watch all the videos…

Thanks for the tut!

Thank you very much! Very clarifying!

Yes nice tut indeed! Hope to see more from James soon!

Haha, glad it helped, I’ll try and do more based on what people on this forum are having trouble with!