How do you make the cameras visible in game mode?

Is there a way to make cameras or cine cameras visible when in game mode? (PIE, simulate or editor window)

I’m doing some virtual production where the cameras are driven around by vive trackers or by blueprint scripts, I need to be able to see the cameras when the game is running so I can be sure they are in the right places and moving correctly. I looked over the properties of the camera and couldn’t find anything that does this.

If you don’t have too many cameras, you can find the static mesh that editor using for cameras, attach it to the camera. Not the proper way, I know, but it is a solution

I’d like to bump this question up. I have a workflow where I use take recorder to record the action my pawn/actor is taking and then edit the cameras in sequencer to follow the action the way I want after the fact. However, I would much rather see the cameras in real time to see if I am getting the shot that I want as the game is running. Is this possible? I have a secondary viewport on one of my other screens with the cameras in multiview. However, when the game runs none of the cameras are following the game. Even when I turn the real time buttons on.