How do you make objects move?

im trying to make objects move im sure its probably really simple but ive been trying to figer it out for a week now and just cant figer it out i thought it was just copy the blueprints and past but doesn’t work.

its just a peimative qube im useing to try and get my head around it id like to move it on the ground and know how to fly it around in the air i assume once you know how to do 1 you can do the other the same way and that shape doesn’t matter i would really appreciate some help. if my assumptions are wrong please tell me thank you for your help

By ‘moving it’ do you mean through blueprint so upon BeginStart it starts moving in the level or are you the one controlling it (i.e you are the cube) ?

I didn’t watch this one but I would recommend watching some tutorials to get some bearing on where to start.

yes i meen your the one in control of the cube
like you would be moving a character or a aircraft

il try and explain more i tryed copying the 3rd person blueprint that epic gives you and pasting it in for the cube expecting it to work the same way i also tried the same for the ufo blueprint expecting it to fly as the ufo dose but in both cases it does nothing and a coupleof times i think it gave me a node error can’t remember what it was sorry

if you paste in the nodes from one blueprint to another you actual only get the “node network” so to speak, any references and variables need to be re-created in the new blueprint - so simply put its a bit more complicated that ctrl-v.

Id say you should remove things from the 3rd person bp instead if you want to test something using a cube instead, (simply hide the bone mesh from that bp, and create a cube in its place), this is not the proper way to do this btw, so just treat it as a learning experience.

and lastly Id repeat my answer, look at some tutorials, there are allot of well produced things on you tube.

there are lots of helpful videos the problem is there’s so many hard to find the right one none the less I thank you for your help

well this is how i move my character forward

first create a axis maping and then use these the place of mesh use your cube.

for left and right use this and change capsule component with your cube or camera

for flying you can use this but please first create axis maping by going edit/project setting/input

thank you looks very helpful thank you for saying about the axis mapping I thought it was an auto done thing