How do you make mods for Aberration and Scorched Earth?

The base to make a mod with the DevKit is using the generic mod files; the level, game data, and game mode.
Then we connect the game data and the game mode to the level, and also the game mode to the game data…

But what about Aberration and Scorched Earth?
Do we have additional level, mode, and data files for those maps or we use the regular ones we find in the generic mod folder?

Can I use the generic mod files to make adjustments to a spawner in Aberration?
Like remapping a creature spawner with a custom one.

I’m also trying to make a reaper mod, reaper kings don’t spawn in the wild so I just need to remap the creature in the primal game data(?), change the reaper hatching to spawn a modded reaper, and remap the parasite event chain (“pregnancy”).

The thing is that I don’t know if the generic mod files will do to make the changes or I need to use other files in the respective map folder…

Got it…

So yeah we just use the regular generic mod files.

Well I have been working on a creature variant and I’m having problems with the spawn rate for such creature:

They’re over spawning, didn’t change the spawner settings and for some reason my edited creatures are over spawning, had like five spawning at the same time and they just kept on spawning until the frame rate went down to three frames per second…
Had like five hundreds on screen, went to adjust the entry weight and max percentage to allow, the number went down but still way too many.

Can someone tell me how to make only one or two spawn at any given time?

Is a mod for Aberration map, the area is the surface, around the obelisk.