How do you make Local Multiplayer Pickups?

Here we go, another local multiplayer post!

So I’ve created this pickup that is supposed to give a player 1 point if they overlap with it. I’m really stumped on how I can get the object to tell whichever player to calculate points for and then draw it to HUD. It’s probably a really simple fix but any help would be much appreciated!

At the moment only player 0 will receive points. Player 1 receives nothing if they overlap the same pickup.

EDIT: This is a Local Splitscreen Multiplayer Apologies for any confusion earlier!

Character Blueprint


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Hi Kagamusha,

You have to set the variable to replicated then use a SwitchHasAuthority node before the function takes place so that it knows to activate on the server and propagate to the client. For more information on networking, please take a look at our networking tutorial videos, located here:

Hi , will this work for local splitscreen multiplayer? The game I’m making is a local splitscreen multiplayer.

if that is the case, what I would do is draw the “Cast to Ship1” off of the “Cast failed” of “Cast to Ship0”. Currently it says that if the cast to ship0 succeeds, give them a point, then check and see if it is ship1 (which will fail).