How do you make headshots deal extra damage in the UE4 "Shooter Game"?

I have been working with the Shooter Game that’s downloadable from the UE4 Marketplace, and I’m wondering how I would go about making head shots possible, (preferably with blueprints), and how they would deal extra damage with certain weapons. Does anyone know how to do this, and could you explain how to go about adding this? Thanks to anyone that helps. :slight_smile:

Would love to know this too. I expect there would be “Bonus” damages. Same as how the Critical damage works. You’d have to specify meshes.

Maybe like:
Arms, Legs = 0% bonus
Upper Body = 25% bonus
Headshot = 50% bonus

something like that?

if i would have to do a basic headshot system i would only add a box on the head and then do or a linetrace check (if you ever use one) or an overlap component check with projectile to set my headshot value/anim.

(Maybe there is no need and a select head is somewhere possible but i don’t know.)

in fact the same idea than head damage when jump but not when walk through in platform games )

and if added to an aim system like in shooter meaning lower variations when aiming) it would be cool i think.

here you go:
(don’t forget to rename “head” on your skeleton on need)