How do you make custom props bounce? (Propagate bounce)

It would seem that bounce animations are broken for custom props.
ie Your own walls or crates that bounce when the player hits them for resources.

Can someone confirm the feature is broken or provide the built-in solution?

Screenshot 2023-06-09 074242

I’m pretty sure even some Fortnite props won’t bounce either, maybe they should have some sort of tag or something? Sorry I just realised I’m not answering your question :smiley:

Did you ever figure this out? Or does it just not work?

Ah I figured it out. Your prop’s material has to be a material instance of M_FortniteBase_Parent. I also set my prop’s building attachment type to ATTACH Wall


Does the material instance of M_FortniteBase_Parent also give the gradual cracking effect when damaged ?

It does!

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Cool, thanks I’ve been using one called Damage_Overlay material for this, but I will use M_FortniteBase_Parent from now on, unless I want the damaged concrete texture from the other.

could you explain a little bit more on how to achieve the visible wobble when the prop is hit please?

I created a material instance, added the M_FortniteBase_Parent material as the parent and then ticked all “DestructableDamage” properties but the prop still doesn’t wobble

i don’t think i’ve changed anything but it appears to be working today so no problem

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