How do you make centaurs in unreal engine? I use 4.22.2 on unreal engine.

I want to try making a game based of a book but the book has centaurs in it.

Just go to the Assets Menu>Create>Character
Find the Equine category and choose Centaur

You would need a Centaur mesh and some centuar specific animations. Really the same as any of game character. You could try seeing if you could find one on the market place. There’s also loads of tutorials on how to make your own custom game character and animations.

I have seen the centaurs on the marketplace and I dont like their design.

You’d have to look online then for 3D assets that you can purchase that would be more to your liking.
If there are animations for the centaurs on the marketplace it could be worth purchasing just for those and use them on your purchased centaur mesh.