How do you make and rigg a character

I am new and I need help. My question is in the title, please help me :frowning:

Use Fuse CC, then import to, it will auto-rig

There’re two ways, if you want to create the character by yourself and rig it by your own, you need a 3D model engine (Like 3D max) if you don’t, you can use mixamo, import your character there and it will be rigged there.

Another way is makehuman. Free as well. Export as obj, import to mixamo witg mtl and textures.
Rig in there, download tpose or animations

ok thanks for the info

what if i dont have thoughts programs and softwares

“Blender” is widely viewed as the best and most popular free 3d modelling software. It’s popular among indie studio and freelance artists.
Autodesk is the company that makes maya and 3ds max I think they have a free trial for students, their programs are more popular among larger companies.

I use blender for most of my stuff.
Be aware there is a fairly steep learning curve to 3d modeling. It is worth learning though.

There are a tons of tutorials to help you out.

You can check out these youtubers for tutorials on making game assets in blender:

Grant Abbet: