How do you make an Interstitial Ads BP? Mine is creating Infinite Loop. + A question.

Hello, actually i know how to delete the infinite loop but wait i have something to explain since i read something from someone that i need to do like this:

This is my Interstitial Ads: (Sorry for the image’s aligment, i don’t know why it’s like this when i link the image to here).;base64

As you can see, it first Load the Interstitial Ad then see if is the interstitial ad available with a branch, if it’s True, then show, but if it’s False, then return to Is Interstitial Ad Available and here is what cause the infinite loop (Making the editor and even in the launcher of my android freezed).

But this is what i read from someone: I need to return the branch’s False to Is Interstitial Ad Available so this can make the Ads show because the Ads takes a lot to show in the screen or maybe it won’t show.

NOTE: I have never try if it’s true because i really don’t know how to test it or maybe i still need something else other than the Ad Unit Interstitial).
NOTE2: This is without Plugin, it’s pure Admob.

What i’m confused is,

1.Does you use this Interstitial BP for your Uploaded project to Play Store? If yes, does it worked?
2.Do i need to return the False to Is Interstitial Ad Available? Or it just work even without the False? (From what i know, i think, i should delete the False because if the person doesn’t have access to internet, he will stuck forever in this place… but please correct me).

Maybe you can give me one that can work… because i don’t want to upload a project to playstore without ads working since i don’t know how to test it in UE4 editor.

The question not related to this, but it’s better to not add too much thread (I don’t know if UE4 is ok with this but a lot forums don’t like this).

In the following image, there is something marked with a big blue thing, that is inside of an android. So what i want to know is how do i drag the android menu out of the screen when i’m playing my project?

Thanks for the answer and sorry for the last image’s quality.