how do you make an economy, ai and other stuff

i want to make a game that is similar to prison architect that has an economy, ai, build menu etc.
i have no idea how to make this stuff, i can probably do an ai and build menu based on youtube videos but i can’t find a way to makean economy
can someone tell me how to make one (even if it is just a link to a video or something on the marketplace)

Wow … there is a lot you want to do there.

My suggestion is first learn to walk before you try to fly. Learn the basics of the engine and get familiar with the engine first … then once you are comfortable, start using this knowledge to build the game you want to. There is no link (that I am aware of) or marketplace item that has your economy system in it … you will have to create this yourself.

But, you need to learn the engine first before you can even think of creating this or you will just end up frustrating yourself to no end.

It depends on how your economy system should look like/what features you want -> for now, just start watching some blueprint tutorials to get an idea how everything works. After that start creating the system -> variables will be a pretty important topic for an economy system :smiley:

i want the economy system to work the same way as it does in prison architect where you have your overall amount of money, you cash flow, and the ability to buy walls and objects and thing

Based on this being your first post, I am going to assume that you have no game development experience. I suggest that you watch all of the engine introduction videos ( and familiarize yourself with the engine before starting any large projects, a common misconception among new game-developers is that a game is easy to make (if you are thinking this, this will likely result in you giving up on game development in the future), but that is certainly not the case. Once you are familiar with the engine, watch some tutorials regarding AI on YouTube until you are confident in your ability to create something that will give you your desired result. The menu should be fairly simple, but you will need to familiarize yourself with the UMG designer before you can make something of high quality.

As far as the economy goes, I will just give you a heads up and let you know that an economy is no easy thing to make, for an economy to function well, you need to know how an economy works & functions (supply & demand, inflation, etc…) You also need to have safe-guards in place in-case of economic manipulation such as resource hogging.

you’re right when you say that i have no experience with making games and that i think that it is easy

in terms of the economy i am currently studying business studies so is that a good enough understanding of cashflow, the economy, supply and demand equilibrium etc? the limitation that i am suffering in terms of economy is that i have no experience in terms of programming so i can’t implement this stuff into the game

i will try to learn the engine before trying to create the game that i am trying to make so thanks

You need to start at the barebones basics. You can’t have an economy until you have all the systems that make up that economy.

Long before you even touch the economy, you need to flesh out the simplest interactions that make up your game world. The map, the units, basic objectives, user interface, etc.

My map generator started with “place 2 hexagons next to each other” and grew from there.

Figure out what your game “board” is, how it represents your world, how you interact with it, etc. Then move up to having units and other features exist on that board. Go bit by bit and work out each problem as you go. Eventually you will have a game, given you are persistent enough.

I’ve not played prison architect, but from what you’ve described so far it doesn’t sound like you need a complex simulated economy, more like a steady stream of resources that go into a single fund which is then spent on objects in the game.

As others have said, you need to first learn the basics of constructing a game. How to declare, initialise, modify and use a variable, how to declare and call functions and so on. Once you know how a variable works, it becomes much clearer where to store it, when and how it should be used etc.