How do you make actors move relative to position in Matinee

Is there any update in regards to ‘Relative to Initial’ functionality being implemented back in Matinee?
Seems to be a major loss not having it.

For exemple: How to start a matinee at the exact position of the ending location of a first one?

I would also like to know the answer to this question. This has been a known issue for sometime. While there are certainly alternatives available – Class Blueprints with relative motion using Timeline – none of them are as quick and easy to use as Matinee’s Relative to Initial.

Hey Hathis -

The ‘Relative to Initial’ functionality was removed early on in Beta during a redesign of how actor transformation data was stored. As the old implementation had some serious drawback and problems, we are working on a design that hasn’t been fully fleshed out just yet.

You can still keyframe objects relative to one another by using attachments. So you can parent an actor to another actor or bone and it will be transformed relative to that actor.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

yes, im making a shooter game, and it would be cool to reposition the matinee for quicker iteration.

Currently i move all the keys to there new position, is there a way to move all keys at once?

You can make your matinee “relative” by attaching all participating actors to the Matinee Actor before you start the matinee playing. The relative offsets will be maintained.

  1. With the matinee editor closed, select the first actor (camera, skeletal mesh etc.) involved in the matinee sequence
  2. Right-click the actor and select “Attach To”
  3. From the drop down menu that appears, select your Matinee Actor
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 for each additional actor (camera, skeletal mesh etc.) in the matinee sequence
  5. You should now see all actors you attached listed under the Matinee Actor in your Scene Outliner
  6. Select your Matinee Actor and click on “Open Matinee” in the Details panel
  7. Voila! Your matinee now plays relative to the Matinee Actor. You can translate and even rotate the Matinee Actor and everything in the matinee will transform with it, keeping all your animations and camera framing intact! (Yay!)