How do you make a title screen menu with UMG?

I’ve been stuck on this for many hours now. I would have thought a title screen menu is one of the primary use cases for UMG, so surely it’d be simple to make one, or to find info on how, right?

Well, maybe it is simple, but I’ve yet to find the right magical incantations…

So far I’ve created a Widget Blueprint. So far this Blueprint behaves as I’d expect; no problems there. But I’m not sure how to set it up correctly. After much flailing around, I created this for my title screen’s level blueprint:

This almost works, but everything freezes up when I click anywhere other than the menu. Pressing Esc doesn’t take me back to the editor; I have to alt-tab out, then switch back in and click Stop. Obviously I’m doing something wrong, but what?

It would be nice to have a tutorial on how to make a menu for a title screen with UMG. I don’t imagine any of the UE4 samples do?

Take a look at this tutorial: :slight_smile: