how do you make a timeline go negative then back to 0 for reverse?

I have a bp door using a timeline. 1st pt in the timeline is 0 and 2nd value is 90
I have the box collision setup so the player can open & close it. but I want the door to rotate -90 and reverse back to 0.
haven’t been able to get it to work. anyone know how to set this up??

There is a “reverse” input exec pin which you can use to reverse the animation. Create a “bIsOpen” boolean variable, and use a branch node to determine if you want to Play (if bIsOpen is false) or Reverse (if it is true). Use the “Finished” output pin to set this variable accordingly.

I already tried that. Didn’t work.
i can get it to open but it won’t close. Yes also im using a boolean var

Hi @Artistchampion , it would be easier to find a fix if you could share a screenshot of the Timeline implementation.