How do you make a game into a executable?

i don’t want to sell it but i need to make it so i can play it without all the other things

You will need to package. The easiest way is from inside the editor File → Package Project ->Windows ->Win64

k… i will try it

wait what is 32 bit and 64 bit? i am trying to put the game on a laptop

Hello CMJones,

You can package your game which will create a folder that includes a .exe file.

Steps to Package your project :

1.) Go to File > Package Project > and Select what platform you would like to package to. For windows there is a windows tab that has both 32 bit and 64 bit options.
2.) Select a folder where you would like this folder to be saved and click ok.
3.) Allow the packing to finish.
4.) By default the folder is called “WindowsNoEditor”

Inside of this folder will be a .exe file for launching your packaged game.

The bits refer to the type of operating system you are running on your laptop. Assuming you have windows, you can go to Control Panel > System and Security > System you will see your operating system under System > System Type. Typically most machines come with a 64 bit operating system.

are laptops 64 bit?

Depends. Did you locate your systems specs?

Screen should look like this.

Steps to get to this screen are located in my previous comment.

the laptop is 64 bit

do i have to anything different - i mean i want to package it, put it on a disc or flash drive, put it in the laptop, and play the game.

No. You can zip or .rar the folder with the .exe and then put it on the laptop.

You could have it plugged in and choose to package the game straight to your disk or flash drive. Alternatively you can drag and drop the packaged file from where you have it saved to your disk or flash drive. The last option is to .zip or .rar your packaged game on your computer. Then, you can right click that folder and choose copy. Navigate to your flash drive or disk and choose to past that folder.

how do i put the game on the disk or flash drive-do i have it pluged in while it is packaging?

k now im going to try it

oh wait i have to revise

it works… but its too slow!!!