How do you make a dino harvest berries from bushes?

First time modding, spent a lot of time working on a dino, but I just can’t figure out how to make it harvest bushes. I’ve tried setting it’s damage type to match the Therizino, Stego, Bigfoot, Megatherium, Trike, and nothing seems to work. When setting it to match the Megatherium’s damage type, Omnivore_Harvest_nostone, my dino that once did not harvest corpses, now does, but I still can’t get the bushes to function properly.

I tried changing the melee damage type and harvest damage type to everything I could think of. To be a bit more clear, I’m tinkering with a Jerboa, not sure if it’s something with that dino itself or that I’m just missing something obvious. Unfortunately, my dev kit crashed when closing it earlier today, as it always does, so it’s taking hours to start up…as it always does after a crash, so I won’t be able to go in to every setting at the moment, but I will be working with it again tomorrow morning to be more specific, if that helps.

Any and all help is appreciated, thank you.

Nobody wants to help? I know people out there know how to make a dino harvest from bushes, but there’s ZERO answers around the web or through tutorials.