How do you make a collectible that can be picked up by pressing E?

I recommend using interfaces and overlaps. If you watch this video, it should give you some good instruction on how to accomplish what the pickup.

In regards to the E prompt, you’re going to want to look into widgets and either adding to the viewport when you want to give the player this opportunity, or by making it visible (both approaches are good). Here’s another video that should help.

I am trying to learn unreal. I am having a lot of trouble with it. I have only seen collectibles that can be picked up by walking through them. I want to know how to make a simple collectible that can be picked up by going up to it and pressing E. I would also like to record that the player picked it up. Anything that explains how I do it or helps me figure out how to do it would be helpful. The character is in the third person and moves forward automatically on tick.

Thank you the videos are very helpful.