How do you lock an object to another vector? Building tool wrench mechanic

Hello! I’m trying to create a tool wrench where every time it enters the collision sphere on the part it needs to torque, it will lock on to the part so that it can be ready to rotate. However, I am having issues writing the actual code.

The image below demonstrates when the wrench is outside the collision area. The red strings read “out of overlapping.”

Once it enters into the collision area, my goal is to lock the wrench in place so that it can torque. The green strings read “Is overlapping!”

Here is the code that I have at the moment. I initially thought that I could easily use the “AttachToActor” node but I believe this would restrict me from using any physics capabilities, referring to the rotational torque mechanic. I try this setup below but it makes the wrench disappear after hitting the collision sphere. I’m hoping I can use a physics constraint to simulate the torque mechanic, but I need to solve how to lock the wrench on the part first before I work on that. (The “Drop” function detaches the wrench off my hand)


Any advice or guidance through this problem would be extremely appreciated. Thank you so much!

Didn’t understand why you subtract one vector from another. If you need that the wrench must be in the same location as the static mesh, use the static mesh location for the wrench.

That did it, but now I’m approaching the issue where the rotation isn’t in it’s correct position. I need to lock its Z and Y axis but I am unsure how to visually script that.