How do you load functions from a dll plugin in UE4?

I am still very confused about how to load functions from a dll that has no source or header files
(just the .dll file placed in the Plugins folder)

is there anything in c++ or UE4 equivalent to Unity’s DLLImport function?

any suggestions or explanations are greatly appreciated

Can you explain what you’re trying to accomplish?

my goal is to add a dll into the UE4 project and be able to call its functions from a c++ class

We provide a generic API for DLL loading and DLL function binding that is implemented for all supported platforms. The functions you are looking for are:

FPlatformProcess::GetDllHandle - loads a DLL, i.e. what LoadLibrary does on Windows
FPlatformProcess::GetDllExport - binds a function from a DLL, i.e. what GetProcAddress does on Windows
FPlatformProcess::FreeDllHandle - unloads a DLL, i.e. what FreeLibrary does on Windows

Search in the code base for usage examples.

thanks for the tips gmpreussner, now I know what to look for

I just wanted to add that you can use FPaths to convert relative paths to full (FPaths::ConvertRelativePathToFull()) and combine paths (FPaths::Combine) allowing you to specify a relative path to your dll easily.