How do you load a map once it's been cooked and packaged?

Once you’ve cooked and packaged your map and it’s been installed and ran on the end users machine once, how are you supposed to run it again?

from the udk.exe in the binaries?

My map doesn’t bring up udkfrontend.udk, so will this still work?

I think it is not possible to open maps after cooking and packaging. Why you want to do this?

No idea but sometimes it is possible to open cooked maps but i think it depends on the version the game was cooked on.I think this somehow works with older udk bulds(the ones from 2009-2010?) as i know i have downloaded in the past 1-2 udk games and managed to open them in the editor(but with errors like no player controller found and script related missing things).

I think he meant the packaged game as a stand alone.

and it would be the 32 bit version in binaries.

This thread is a couple of months old, and I don’t know if @anonymous_user_b42f82fa is still trying to solve this issue. Anyway, I think there are a few different ways to interpret his question based on how uses the word “map,” and I think I know which one he intended, but I’d like to make sure:

  1. How do I relaunch my game after it has been installed?
  2. Inside my game how can I open a specific map?
  3. After cooking, distributing, and installing my game can a player open a cooked map in the UDK editor?

The first one please!

[Game Directory]\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe