How do you limit hero player respawns

Hi all

I have a blueprint setup that that lets my player respawn every time he dies. How would I go about setting up a limit of repawns to say 3 lives. I would like to do this then activate a game over hud.

Any help would be awesome

Where have you setup your respawn logic? do you use multiplayer? Easiest one would be to create a INT Var in your PlayerController, set it’s default to 3. In your Character (or where you do your respawn) decrement the INT from the PC and if it is 0, create your gameOverWidget and stop respawning (eg Gamemode->RestartLevel).
something like this - but don’t wire up the two events it’s just an example:

Can anyone help further with this issue. I need some specifics on how to implemement a limited hero player respawn to 3. I want a counter to go down every time you die and then move to an end game hud at 0. Ive looked everywhere I can for a proper solution. Please any help would be great