How do you import non-humanoid animations into unreal from blender?

I am currently at a loss trying to import a serpent like character into ue4 with out it crashing then me cursing the engine itself. if its a non animation file it will crash when i try to add a skeleton and if it is animated file it will only want to add ue4 default skeletons then it will crash. So I am kind of at a loss here hoping anyone has an answer on how to import non humanoid (a head, 2 arms, a chest, two legs…) animations or get characters in to ue4 to animate in the editor. Thanks in advance

It requires two things:

The Skeleton needs a Root-Bone, which resides at 0,0,0 (in Blender). Your actual “Snake” Bones are a child of that.

Your Rigged Snake Mesh needs al vertices to be weighted to atleast one bone.