How do you import animation from a rig in maya2017?

When I import the character the mesh and skeleton appear normally and work however any animation I have baked onto the skeleton appears to be rotated and scaled smaller than the original mesh when it shouldn’t as the mesh is still in its base pose in the animation.

I tried combining the mesh as it was in parts this got the model to stay in its base pose for the animation but the skeleton doesn’t import the bones anymore.
I thought maybe it was because I had referenced my model into my maya rig scene however even after importing it there is no difference.

I keep getting the error message of:
Mesh [Geometry have no name] in the fbx file is not reference by any hierarchy node
I don’t know what this error message as all my meshes are named and the rig works in maya so I don’t know what this means

please help

Have you tried the game exporter, within that tool there is an section for just animations.

(it says MayaLT, but that tool is the same)

The game exporter didn’t work however I found that ticking ‘enable root motion’ to the animation in unreal seemed to put the animation back into place but I couldn’t find a reason as to why it did this


Cool, was going to ask if you were baking the animations, but looks like you got it.

Enable root motion isn’t the healthiest option. If you have motion on the root bone of your skeleton (hips swinging for example), EnableRootMotion offsets it by keeping the hips still and moving everything else. It might have worked in this case, but it’s not good practice.