How do you import a slightly edited vanilla dino mesh to work with the animations.

I’ve been looking for help but I haven’t found any yet. I have an edited vanilla mesh and I want to know is there a way to hook it up to the vanilla animations or if I have to export the animations. How to do you get them to play during different actions. I Also need help with the aim offset

During export, make sure your custom dino has a skeleton which is the same as the original dino.
During import back into the ARK Dev Kit(ADK) make sure you import as a skeletal mesh with the “Skeleton” selection box unchecked.
That way you ADK will import your custom dinos skeleton which you exported.
Once your custom dino is imported to ADK, select all of the animations of the original dino, and select “Retarget to Another Skeleton”.
A window called “Persona” will appear asking you to select a skeleton to retarget to. In Persona, you may have to uncheck “Show Only Compatable Skeletons” to find your skeleton.
Select your skeleton in “Persona” and press the “Retarget” button.

Once all of your animations for your new dino are retargeted, you need to also retarget the animation blueprint.
Once you’ve retargeted the animation_BP to your custom dino, open the new animation blueprint and find the “Asset Overrides” window.
In the Asset Overrides window, you will need to go into all of the animations and set them to your custom dino’s animation.
You will also need to change the montages in the dino’s own Blueprint to the new, retargeted montages.

Here is the link to the Retarget Manager documentation,
and here is a link to the Animation Blueprint Override documentation.

Thanks for the advice:), also how do you add custom sounds without overriding other creature sounds.