How do you import a bmp to use as a back ground


How do you import a bmp to use as a back ground.

I have spent literally ALL day trying to get it to work. The Video of the UE guys adding a picture to a mesh looked REALLY easy.

HAHA… nope…

anyone have a link tor an explanation I could get ?

Background of what?
To import a bitmap - press “import” or just drag’n’drop your file into Content Browser.
Texture adding tutorial:

Sorry. I asked a poorly written question.

I am trying to take a .bmp and import it into UE 4 so I can use it as a Background for my main menu. S-ed… thank you very much for both the answer and the link… I dropped the dern .bmp into content browser and blammo… it is there… I fought and fought , got errors… and mode no progress… dern power of two error… LOL… your fix was simple and worked… awesome sauce.

Would you have a link on how to use it as a background…I have searched the forums with import and bmp to no avail… but… being a noob I might not have the right terms to search on.

Thank you again for your help. LOL I got out of bed to try and work on this silly thing after 10 hours of trying all day… your fix was SWEEEET! :slight_smile:

YEEEE HAW!!.. It is almost 4 in the morning, but… I got it…after your help getting the background imported… I right clicked the background texture and created a slate brush… and simply dropped it on the border appearance brush… I am STOKED!!!

OK… Next Question: Do vertical boxes act like a container? I tried adding one and then adding text blocks in it on the viewer, then moved the vertical box… the text blocks didn’t move with it… I tried dropping the text blocks on the vertical box in the Hierarchy window and then the text blocks looked like children of the vertical box . But, when I move the vertical box the text blocks stayed in the same place on the screen and didn’t move with the vertical box.

Going to bed… after 16 hours trying to start this… I am wiped out… But… it works so far.
S-Ed, thank you for your help.
and thanks to any others that might be able to educate me a little on this next issue.

OK… second question real quick… I want to add a texture to my background… this is a grey box… so my test blocks are highlighted better… can I add a another border as a child to my first border so I can another brush to the MainMenu?

You can nest Borders, but make sure settings are proper (padding, aligning).
Make sure You have put it inside (hierarchy window), not just put them on same place.
But border can hold only one element, so You need to put Canvas or other nesting element inside.
Several elements on same level of hierarchy will be sorted in order - top in list = bottom in zIndex.
Vertical box stacking elements vertically, that’s what title says. You can’t freely move content inside, use CanvasPanel for that.

So, if I understand this reply… I have a set up like this:

  Border:  &lt;-- has brush with back ground image on it
    Canvas Panel:
         Border: &lt;--- brush with graphic I want to use
         Border: &lt;--  brush with second graphic I want to use
         Text Block: Login
         Text block: Password

OK… and vertical blocks don’t act like a container do they? :frowning:

OK… they do act like a container… but… when you add a text block to it… the button stretches the entire length of the vertical box. When I drag the button out of the vertical box… the button is just the size of the word with little dots around it to resize it…
I will rewatch the video and see if I can puzzle out how to make the button small like it is when it is outside the vertical box

<Issue resolved>

<Issue resolved>

WOOT!! not sure how… but… I went thru and tried setting up a child border to my border and got that to work… then went into the child border added a canvas panel and then text blocks and they were small blocks with dots around it instead of the LONG button type filling the entire line.
thank you all for your help.

<Issue resolved>