How do you handle death?

I was wondering how do you guys handle a death in a multiplayer game setting?
I Noticed that AController have a AController::NotifyKilled
And i was wondering whats realy happenign ?
Called the function nothing happen i am guessing this needs to be overriden.

To account for game spesific things but since UE dont have Health and so on whats it intended for?
Do anyone have some sort of example it be very helpfull.

Nobody have any tips on where to start?

Off the top of my head, check the AActor::TakeDamage. That should give you a good starting point to find wherever deaths take place.

I feel like mentioning that most games, when they want to administer a guaranteed quick death, tend to inflict a really high amount of damage as a means of an “instant death” mechanic (something like 9999999.0f.) This is probably because doing so is easier than programming a separate routine for instant death.

Hello thanks for the reply i did implement AActor::TakeDamage and i have a replicating member Health that is tied up to the HUD and is displaying my Health,

But what happens to the Actor / Pawn when its suposed to die.
Respawn, and so on.

is probeboly a better explination of what am trying to figuer out.

So i asked in the forums and i got my answer.
is a link to the thread, I hope it helps someone else as well.